An urban strategy for social improvement

info di progetto

Our proposal is first of all a strategy, a methodological way of processing times and events. It is not a traditional architecture or urban design project, it is a way of reinterpret contemporary reality in terms of today‘s problems and here-and-now solutions.

A wide open ribbon thin surface joins all site topic areas together into a not purely ideal continuity. This suspended, folded, covering or ground-running public soil connects streets, buildings, monuments, gardens and green border extensions creating a fascinating artificial landscape. A kind of floating liquid square duplicates public spaces vertically and simultaneously represents for them a large-scale crossing system.

This kind of multi-line shaped unitary system will be equipped with a series of different architecture, furniture and natural "elementals" organized in a matrix of tools from which choosing dozens of combinations and lots of differentiated architectural and urban situations.

A significantly dense programme of leisure, hybridized to cultural and micro-production activities connected to spare time management, will make Ingolstadt a new supra-regional fore for major events and a vital center of excellence in the sustainable acting of open air sports, care of body and mind, educational and even formative entertainment.

The project aims to be completely reversible and shows a strong temporary character. It can be easily changed, modified, integrated, adapted or even completely removed if necessary.

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