Nuovo Shoah Memorial di Bologna

info di progetto

Life is a breath. It is something that has to do with lightness and balance, desire for the infinite and consciousness of a non traversable limit. It is something strongly deep rooted within but frail, a shaky possession always on the brink of leaving.


The new Memorial will be like a petrified garden of giant dandelions. This light, simple, poor and fascinating flower, traditionally associated to good chance and fortune babyish rituals in roughly every culture, will be used to stimulate in people's minds a shivery sensation about the fragility of existence and the possibility to consider its destruction as a starting point to generate new life and awareness.


A single blow is enough to completely destroy a dandelion. It cannot resist the force of wind or the hits of heavy raindrops. Its beauty and integrity are definitely at the mercy of fate, they are and they clearly appear to us like so delicate and precarious. But once you or nature have blown it away, once somebody or something has decided for destruction, the seeds starts freely floating in the air becoming first the messengers and then, at the end of the story, the real parents of new lives.

In the same way, millions of fragile bodies have been destroyed in a few history seconds. And desperately trying to find an answer to the drama of our souls asking "why?", there is maybe only one thought that can slightly relief us from pain: that beastly and abominably planned erasing action did not happen in vain. Just as the plumes of a blown dandelion, those names and faces have become the seeds of a new conscience for humanity, they have set a new level of moral and ethical sensibility, they have been flying through decades falling onto the ground of spirit and sprouting into a warning memory of that wretched and unforgettable past.


Our proposal draws a garden of memory, a place for reflection where metal dandelions will raise from the stone as it happens for long-distance dispersed seeds colonizing ruins. The project does not think in terms of changing when not even overturn the existing, but reasons on adding something significant able to give the context an added value. So this is a kind of art installation, if art can be considered as a privileged medium to communicate, interact and reflect on themes.
Big steel dandelions, softly moving once touched by wind, populate this space of thought; some are intact, some are quite undone, others completely torn apart. The missing seeds, with their hairy parachutes, have ideally flown away spreading and depositing memory and new life elsewhere.


Everyone will be free to build a personal interpretation of this place. But one thing is for sure: memory of the past will reach people through a so to speak "positive attitude". Not only a message of mourn and warning for all the generations to come, but an incitement to feed hope, that is commonly so unusual for a memorial, will be carried on.

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