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Taking advantage of the decisive railway infrastructure, Amstetten will be able to count on the capacity to be attractive, thanks to very reduced shift times and such a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable traveling mode, for an incredibly huge amount of visitors. This will be possible if only Amstetten goes offering something different, and in a certain way unforgettable, than all the other near major centers are already able to propose.

This way proceeding, our proposal takes a radical decision just focusing on the critical interaction between the extraordinary landscape system that allows Amstetten to enjoy a clearly privileged environmental status and a strategic program related to the management of leisure in terms of entertainment, culture, sports and innovative social interaction tied to supra-regional scale major events.

Amstetten will capture motion flows and energies directing them to an alternative city offer built around collective well-being (care of body and mind, spiritual health) and on landscape heritage regeneration. A wide open fibrous environmental system, reproduced as for tissue-regeneration starting from the ribs of the railway, joins all project areas together into a not purely ideal continuity: green, water, forest, sand, wood, built, dug into the ground or suspended in mid-air fibers create such an unusual and unconventional artificial landscape system that expands liquidly to all areas simultaneously representing for them a large-scale crossing system, an experimentation and discovery instrument.

Sites are not brought back to a same formal drawing, this is not what the city needs and history has taught us that every urban effect prescinds from the will of the demiurgic urban planner.

Here places are intertwined not by the replication of a graphic design but by the same conceptual structure for which shift movement, always expressed in fibers, constitutes a kind of vital substance. These dynamic muscle tissue, consisting of linear speed fibers acts as a crucial connective organ which is assigned the task of bringing the patchwork of urban areas redefined by the project to the unity and scale of landscape, to the dignity of the historic European city, always resulting from a slow and sublime sedimentation and from the coexistence of often even contradictory urban scenes, but never from the simplifier, formalizing and reductive gesture of a lot of bad planning in decades.

We cannot build the identity of a place deliberately, but we can try to teach people to desire it strongly. This can happen feeding the territories of social cohesion, taking care of the organic specificities of places, inspiring choices to delicacy, thrift and attention to the fragility of human affairs. We think in all this lies the first real step towards a new quality of living urban... and towards the new Amstetten.

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